Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fun In The Sun (Before Summer Officially Hits)

Summer break has started with a bang.  We skipped the last day of school in order to embark on a 3000+ mile trek across country. Despite a few down days (carsickness and plugged toilets), we all made it back safe and sound.  We were able to squeeze in some visits with family.  Great fun! We first stopped and visited my husband's sister. He and she enjoyed a beer at the local brewery before we continued on our way.

Auntie with Nephews

Next stop was almost to our ultimate destination.  We stayed with my cousin and her husband.  SSP could not remember their names the whole time we were there.  As we departed he shouted good bye to "Tom and Jerry."  We (grown ups) all had a good laugh then we were off. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.

"Tom and Jerry" with BAP & SSP

Next we stopped by Santa Fe in hopes to tour the Cathedral there.  However we could not since they were prepping for a Corpus Christi Procession.  This statue of St Francis of Assisi was out front; we had to get a picture.

Visiting Santa Fe

Despite carsickness, deterring us with stops every 10minutes.  We made it in order to see the bats fly out of the caverns.  Impressive!  The boys and daddy were very giddy in seeing, well not so much.

First View of Bat Flights 
at Carlsbad Caverns

"Tom and Jerry" told us about the awesomeness of these sand dunes. They had the softest sands ever.  People were riding sleds down them.  We only spent about 25minutes time will have to be longer, make it an all day event (at least a half day).

Great Sand Dunes (softest sand ever)

The highlight of this campground was being able to sleep in a "genuine" teepee (with electricity). Fun but cold. SSP was beyond thrilled that we were about to sleep in a teepee "for true life."

Fun Sign at the Campground

We hiked about 1.25miles along the southern rim of the Grand Canyon.  It was hot!  SSP was complaining that his legs hurt quite abit...took us 3hours....guess little legs and extreme heat don't mix well.
Grand Canyon
Someone made this watch tower for fun out of whatever materials she could find. The boys were intrigued about how the inside went "around and around."

"Artsy" Watch Tower

As I had never been through Canyonlands, Moab or Arches National Parks, we thought it would be fun to explore.  A friend of ours told us about the "more open" back road and less crowded way. Thank you Mr T for mentioning this.

Delicate Arch at Arches National Park

We stayed a campground at almost every stop. BAP was able to light "1match fires" consistently. Way to go!

BAP lighting his famous "1match fire"

This park was magnificent and huge.  The boys loved being able to explore and just play for an hour and a half.
BAP and his girl friend

SSP and his girlfiend

Hubby caught!

Return home!
Home Sweet Home

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