Friday, October 2, 2015

Kisses From The Angels

Happy Birthday, to my sweet niece! You are such an angel. We love you. Today you are two. We also celebrate the Feast of the Guardian Angels. Traditionally growing up Mom would make Angel Kiss Cookies (aka Meringues).  I hope  to carry on that tradition.

Little Sis and Cousin SSP

Birthday Girl

Angel Kisses
adapted from:

2 large egg whites, room temperature
1/2 t cream of tartar
2/3 cup sugar
1 t vanilla
1 cup chocolate chips, finely chopped (or 2/3 cup mini)

Preheat oven to 350.  Line cookie sheets with parchment paper. In a mixer beat egg whites til foamy then add cream of tartar.  Then beat them to death (as my sister says) until fluffy - not dry. Gradually add sugar.  When half is added, then add the vanilla. Continue mixing until the sugar is dissolved and meringues is shiny and tight. Fold in chocolate chips.  Scoop by teaspoonfuls on to cookie sheet. Place in hot oven. Turn oven off and let rest without opening for 2 hours, at the littlest.

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