Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Addictive Munchies

Today is my littlest brother's birthday.  He loves snack food.  Well, who does not?!  I made this recipe one year for his birthday (and a few since then).   It is so addictive.  I know once I make it - I (repeatedly) tell myself 'just one more bite.'  I suggest at least doubling it.  Last summer I made 2 - 2 gallon zip bags FULL of this yummy mix for our family vacation (yes 2 -2gallon bags for 4 people).

Munchy Mix
adapted from:

1 box Cheez-It snacks (I used Pepper jack flavored last time and it was so good)
1 bag Cheeto puffs (I use 1/2 bag of Pirate Booty from Costco)
3 cups Gold fish crackers (about 1/2 Costco size bag)
3 cups (about 1pound) Pretzel bites (you choose shape)
2 T favorite seasoning (I like doing taco seasoning)
3/4 cup butter, melted (you can do up to all canola oil instead, if you rather)

In a large bowl combine Cheez-Its, Gold fish crackers, and pretzels.  Toss in butter mixed with seasoning (be careful just to fold gently as to not crush the cracker mix).  Bake at 200 for 2hours (stirring  every 30minutes or so) on 2 large cookie sheets.  Before last 'stirring' add Cheetos to stir into the mix.  Cool completely.  Store in an airtight container or bag.  Enjoy.

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