Monday, February 20, 2012


Even though I forgot my camera (Forgive me!), we had a birthday celebration this weekend. My husband has joined the oldies (including me). I surprised him with two mini with just family and the other with friends. He suspected something with the family party. However that evening he did not suspect anything. It was great being able to do something fun for him. He really appreciates a good burger every now and then (or all the time when he goes out of town for work). I thought it would be fun to make them here at home. Rarely do I look up a recipe specifically geared for venison (just use a recipe calling for beef and just doing a simple substitution). However since we were having company over I thought I better doctor the burgers up a bit. This recipe was a hit, as it was fun too.


6 slices bacon
2 minced shallots
1 t minced garlic
2 pounds ground venison
1 T Worcestershire sauce
1 T chopped fresh parsley (omitted)
1 beaten egg

Fry bacon until crispy. Remove from pan; cool and crumble. Remove some bacon grease from pan. Saute shallots and garlic in droppings. Cool. Combine bacon, shallots, garlic, venison, Worcestershire sauce, parsley and eggs. Combine quickly (don't over mix). Shape into 8 patties. Refrigerate (I froze mine over night). Cook as desired. I just baked them at 425 for about 30minutes.

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