Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ups and Downs

Last Friday started out great. The boys and I were going to make a Kings' Cake for the Epiphany. Having thought I have just got over the first trimester worth of morning sickness, I was raring to go and out and conquer the world again. However mid-morning our plans drastically changed. I started showing signs of miscarriage. "No not again!" With husband out of town, I called him and let him know what was happening. He told me to call someone to see if they could stay with me. My mom happened to be in town at the time. So she came over with my dear sister and sister-in-law. Mom then took me to the doctor where they ultrasounded...NO HEARTBEAT! So devastating. Over the weekend our little one passed. We are burying him/her in our 'park' of a backyard. BAP is still convinced that "Baby Skittles is going to mow the g[r]ass with Daddy this summer, Mommy." (such reasurrance) I still plan on making that Kings' Cake this weekend but it will always bring back memories of the Epiphany of 2012.

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