Friday, June 10, 2011

My New Favorite All-In-One Seasoning

The other day I found a new favorite Season All Spice (from Costco). If you don't have a Costco, you can buy it on Amazon too. ( I was addicted as soon as I had it. I love that it is salt-free; with my husband's blood pressure problem it was an easy substitute. Even though it has rosemary you can barely taste it...phew! I have put it on everything: from eggs to chicken to potatoes. Become addicted know you want brave try some today.

Here is the list of ingredients: organic onion, organic garlic, organic carrot, organic black pepper, organic red bell pepper, organic tomato granules, organic orange peel, organic parsley, organic bay leaves, organic thyme, organic basil, organic celery, organic lemon peel, organic oregano, organic savory, organic mustard seed, organic cumin, organic marjoram, organic coriander, organic cayenne pepper, citric acid and organic rosemary.

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