Thursday, January 1, 2015

Blessings For The New Year

Happy New Year! Prayers for many blessings for all my wonderful readers and their families.
This new year will (hopefully) be filled with lots of fun and exciting recipes and traditions that our family shares. I will post these too. Until I get a chance I will leave you with this lovely prayer that I found in my Sunday Missal written by Venerable James Alberione, SSP.

Prayer to Jesus, Divine Master
Jesus Master, you have the words of eternal life.
Replace my thoughts with your thoughts, 
I want my thinking to be influenced by your teaching; 
I want to make decisions according to your standards.
You are the Truth, given to me by the Father.
Live in my mind, Jesus Truth!

Your life is the Way - certain, unique, true,
the way of love for the Father, 
the way of love for others to the point of total sacrifice.
Grant that I may understand your way. 
At every moment, may I follow you,
and may I refuse to follow
every way that is not yours.
What you want, I want; give me your will in place of mine.

Jesus, substitute your heart for my heart.
With your divine life, illumine my life.
You say, "I am the life." Therefore, live in me.
May your life be evident in my own living, 
just as happened with Saint Paul, who said,
"Christ lives in me."

Live in me, Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life.

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