Saturday, October 11, 2014

Oh My How It Burns

A couple years back a friend was giving away some horseradish roots. I jumped at the chance to dig some up and put it in our garden. I am glad that we have it in boxes (needless to say, it has overflowed the box).  Last year we tried making the delicious condiment from it but it failed. However my brother and I last weekend tried it again.  He peeled and chopped the root. I grated/pureed it in my food processor OUTSIDE on the deck (my brother warned me that it would burn/blind me if I did it inside).

Horseradish Sauce (made easy)
adapted from:

8-10 inch piece horseradish root, peeled
2 T water
1 T vinegar

Grate root OUTDOORS, if possible, in a food processor.  Next return shreds to food processor with the blade attachment.  Add water and vinegar.  Grind up really well.  Pulse.  Stain off excess liquid. Place in pint jars; refrigerate.

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