Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Such Is (My) Man's Life

Today is my dear husband's birthday.  We will have a celebration for him, once he returns from that job he does so well.   He has been busy non-stop for is that time of year again (it won't let up until at least the end of March).  I am ready for a break.  Once when we were dating he ordered a Filet Mignon (steak wrapped in bacon with a bleu cheese butter on top).  I am attempting to replicate the recipe along with a few of his favorite side dishes.

Filet Mignon (With Bleu Cheese Butter)
adapted from:

2 bacon wrapped filet mignon (or filet of beef)
4 slices of bacon (wrap each filet again with 2 slices)

Butter Spread:
3 T softened butter
1 t minced garlic
onion powder, just a shake
Montreal Steak seasoning, just a sprinkle
25g Bleu cheese crumbles

Sprinkle beef with salt and pepper.  Sear beef on both sides for slight carmelization (about 3-4minutes/side).  Make butter; combine all ingredients in a bowl (and refrigerate). Place seared steaks in 450 oven until just done to your likeness (about 8-10minutes).  Top with butter mixture, watch it melt and ooze.

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