Sunday, December 1, 2013

Blessed New Year

Happy New Year (aka It's the First Sunday of Advent and the Church year begins again)! Time has just flown this year. I think it is quite special that Advent actually begins on December 1st.  (I guess I could have purchased one or two of the delicious chocolate calendars to ease the Christmas countdown for the boys.)  However a few years back Mom got us this delightful calendar...BAP and SSP look forward to reading the stories everyday.  They usually want to read them all at once, so they know what happens. I love the excitement and joy they are overwhelmed with, especially at this time of year.  They are so excited about lighting the Advent candle (one each week).  When we said Advent was 4 weeks long the boys thought we said it was 4 DAYS until Christmas.  We further explained that it is 25 DAYS until Christmas.  However on December 6th if the boys are good they may find something yummy in their shoes.

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