Thursday, November 22, 2012

We Are Thankful...

Happy Thanksgiving!  This year we thankful for many things from life to death (and all in between).  Here are a few things that all of us are thankful for.  SSP is grateful for all of our family and friends.  BAP is especially thankful for the snow and all the fun that it is.  Also he is thankful for all his friends and all the people on the earth.    My husband is thankful for the generosity of others who have helped make our house a home. I am especially thankful for the life of LP...she has brought much joy (and sorrow) as well as a great re-assurance that there is a reason behind everything.  Without having this miscarriage (it was our 3rd) we would never have discovered a possible reason behind my headaches. (I think I have had a total of 3 since September when I miscarried her; since prior to the miscarriage I was having them almost daily - at the least 2 times a week). Praise God! Thank you Jesus and your Mother Mary for taking such good care of us.

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