Saturday, January 28, 2012

This Little Piggie Came Home From The Market...

...and was a scrumptious dinner for all those who waited all day for him. We love hot sandwiches with oven roasted potatoes on a cold day. Today was no exception. Though this recipe smells raunchy while cooking, it is to die for once it is done; you will fall in love all over again. I dare you to try just a little (or a whole sandwich). Enjoy!

Root Beer Pulled Pork

1 (2pound) boneless pork tenderloin (I used a boneless sirloin roast from Costco)
1-2 (12 oz) cans/bottle Root Beer, brand of choice
{I add 1-2 medium onions sliced thin}
1 (18oz) bottle BBQ sauce (you pick type and flavor variant)

Combine first 3 ingredients (just add enough Root Beer to cover) in crockpot. Cook slowly on low heat for about 6 hours. Drain. Return to crock pot. Add BBQ sauce; heat thoroughly. Serve with hoagie rolls or burger buns.

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