Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just Say (Ch)Eese

Don't you love taking pictures of those you love? Whenever I pull out the camera, I hear 'eese' coming from across the room. It is so cute listening to him jibber-jabber. Lately SSP (now almost 14months) loves getting his picture taken. BAP (just over 3 1/2 years) still enjoys his picture taken too but he tends to make more of the funny and/or goofy face. Just thought I would update with a few pictures for the evening.

Going On A "Boat Ride"

Practicing Blowing Kisses

Practicing Shooting Webs, err Blowing Kisses Too

Trying On Daddy's Boots

Wanting to hop like Uncle Chris (kinda)

Riding My Bike In The Snow Is LOTS Of Fun


When I Smile, I Melt Mommy's Heart

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