Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In Remembrance...

Our friend George loved cooking in the kitchen; God rest his soul. There were a few things he made; he made them well. His food was just good old comfort food. I am thankful I received his recipe for Golomki (Polish Cabbage Rolls). We often honor George on his birthday and his birthday into Heaven with this meal (even if the 2 days are just a week apart). It is sooo tasty. This recipe is in George's own words. Gotta love the sarcasm and love he put into writing it for me. 
We love you, George!

Golomki (pronounced gwompki)

Cook the cabbage (1 head) in a large pot (of boiling water). Slice around the spine of the cabbage and remove the outer leaves. It is a good idea to place the scalding hot cabbage in a sink of cold water while doing this.

Put the uncooked portion back into the pot and repeat the process until all the leaves are cooked soft enough to roll. Cut the spine from all the leaves. Briefly, sit back and admire your work.

Mix well, 1 lb. of ground beef, 1 1/4 cups (raw) rice and 1 T of salt. Get your fingers into it and squish for about 5 minutes, or until all the rice is evenly blended into the mixture.

Lay out the cabbage leaf, and fill with just enough to ground beef and rice so that you can roll the cabbage around the mixture at least 1 1/2 time (you will be about to estimate the proper amount after you have done it several times).

Start rolling the cabbage until the leaf is at least half way around. If you are doing this at night, stop for a moment and gaze at the stars. Reflect on the vastness of the universe. Consider your own significance. Fold the sides of the cabbage up over the top, and continue to roll. Place completed golomki on the counter, folded side down.

Under no circumstances use super glue to seal the cabbage. While this will effectively hold the golomki together, the finished produce will taste like crap and make you sick.

Place your little creations in a pot, folded side down. Stack them tightly together, and fill the pot will just enough water to cover them. Depending on your addiction to salt, add about a teaspoon or so for each pound of beef used.

Bring to a rolling boil. Lower to a high simmer and cover the pot. If the water starts boiling over the top, lower a bit more (once again, with practice comes perfection). Simmer for about an hour. That's it!

You might consider placing a small golomki or two on top the top to test for doneness.

MY OWN IMPORTANT NOTE: the salt is crucial in this recipe. I skimped on it the first time; don't do it even though you are tempted to do so.

Serve with tomato soup (to pour over top), white rye bread and butter. Oh, my mouth is watering. I think I will have to get the ingredients and make these next time I get a chance to go grocery shopping.

Place a few cabbage leaves on bottom of a greased crockpot.  Layer the cabbage rolls in crockpot. Place leftover little leaves on top.  Combine 1 1/2cups cabbage water mixed with 1(6oz) can tomato paste.  Pour over all.  Cook on HIGH for 2hours then LOW for 5hours.

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