Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hip Hip Hooray...Another Birthday

Today SSP turns 6!  He has been counting down for ages (or so it seems). Last Thursday he asked me howmany days....I told him 7. He shut his eyes and very slowly counted to 7 (in about 25seconds), opened them and asked again if time was up. Sorry Buddy you had to wait a week. We celebrated last weekend with my in-laws, as one of many favorite uncles was in town. Today we celebrate with my sideof the family. Gotta love partying! Happy Birthday! We love you....can't believe you are already 6!!

Grandpa T and Grandma K

One of many favorite uncles 

Excited to celebrate at school

Stormtrooper with light sabers 
(I was later informed they don't carry light sabers...
shrug on my part as I don't watch those movies)

Cap'n America with Papa and Oma

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