Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer Has To Be Serious Too (according to BAP)

Summer cannot be all fun and no dull days right?! Last Thursday (Aug 4) dear BAP's appendix decided to scream (after Doctor hours, of course). I called the on call doc.  He gave me 2 choices: 1) go immediately to the ER or 2) see if it resolves itself over night.  We opted for the latter.  However by 10am the next morning we were in the doctor office with him sending us to the ER for verification. It was just as I had suspected, an inflamed appendix.  We got in quickly. He was ready (or not ready for surgery) by 430. Back to his recovery room by 6. He and I spent the night for BAP pain levels etc. Released by 11am on Saturday.  My dear husband told BAP that it was the most "creative excuse to get out of roofing he had ever heard." The surgeon even bribed him of sorts. He had to remember a fun word that she told him before Anesthesia.  If he remembered it should buy him pizza.  He remembered and he now has $20. He asked her before discharge if it would be okay if he did use it on pizza but on LEGOs (She told him as long as they were Star Wars themed). BAP still takes his pain killers but at least the BIG pain is gone. He was so brave.

Chilling out until we know what the plan is

Prepping for lab and IV work

Post surgery, his friend brought milkshakes

Favorite he was ready to party at 3AM on Saturday

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  1. Wow - what a scare! Glad everyone pulled through just fine.