Friday, January 17, 2014

What A Waste!

About a week ago I saw (or at least thought I did) a mouse.  I was working on something for my dear husband, since he was at work.  I got down to business then out of the corner of my eye I saw a white blur.  Since I was talking with him on the phone, I said as calmly as I could since I had just got BAP and SSP in bed (and asleep) that I thought I saw a mouse. "You are just paranoid and are hallucinating." (he roughly told me this).  I was still freaked out. I did not need to find a mouse curled up in the basket of warm laundry. Last Friday I went and picked up traps. (My dad suggests using raisins for the bait, since they have to gnaw at it). Fast forward until Monday. I went downstairs and grabbed my new CrockPot that I had received for Christmas (previously) I had opened the box to assess where I could put it since it was much bigger than my other one.  I brought it upstairs to the kitchen to get dinner ready and assembled. I tipped the box over to get it out (since it was still in the Styrofoam) and what should fall out but a mouse nest made from dryer lint and onion peels, and black 'rice." Now I had more work...had to scrub the CrockPot and its lid clean. Then add dinner. As dinner was cooking away, I wandered to the pantry. As I was down in my pantry I noticed that THREE large Costco-size cereal bags had been chewed open and crumbs everywhere. Oh shoot, the stupid mouse has been into our food. More traps set. Fast forward a couple hours. After husband and got the boys to bed and as we were playing a game, "SNAP." Yay! The mouse has been caught...hopefully no more intruders (traps are still set). Then this morning I went downstairs to help BAP find his show and tell.  There was ANOTHER mouse; time he was caught by his tail. (Mice tails don't snap off like Christopher's did in this childhood favorite.) SSP will go get more traps when we are out and about AGAIN.  I hope no more mice come intruding.  Both mice have been found under the furnace (yes I did find a scratched up air filter).  I am guessing they are getting warm down there. Time to investigate and check to find their home (what husband gets home)...I am too afraid of the stinkers. "Mouse Mouse Go Find Another House (of your own making...not man made)."


  1. We have had a mouse problem over here too! First Matt found two dead ones, then he saw one scurrying across the wall during the early morning when he was up with Lucy. Luckily he was able to catch that one...and now we have traps set up in several different places! I am not quite as freaked out by mice as I am by spiders...but I still don't like them in the house!

  2. I hope they are gone now but time will only tell. I am hoping they are not hiding in the furnace (as that is where - actually under - we trapped both our victims.)