Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Breakfast...With A Holiday Classic

All in favor of Egg Nog step this way!  This recipe is a combination of two of my family's favorites. We love French Toast; We love egg nog (I found out the boys LOVE egg nog even if it is diluted with milk).  This recipe is a perfect mouth-watering combination.

Egg Nog French Toast
adapted from:

1 cup egg nog
1 t vanilla
dash of nutmeg (used apple pie spice)
6 eggs
1 loaf of cinnamon Texas Toast

Mix together egg nog, vanilla, spices, and eggs.  Melt butter on a griddle or pan.  Dip bread into egg nog mixture one slice at a time.  Place bread on hot pan/griddle.  Cook on both sides.  Lather with more butter and syrup.  Serve. Repeat process until all ingredients are used up.

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