Friday, November 1, 2013

Let's Pop

I like how popcorn "pops" up and down.  Our Faith should be alive and thriving (with showing/demonstrating our love for God).  The 'old maids' are when we don't live out our Faith and just let it be and be dead. Popcorn is such a fun and delicious snack.  It is one of the only things that my boys LOVE butter on - if you give them anything with butter on it, they sneer.  However popcorn is a different story.  Our popcorn popper broke the other day (actually I misplaced the knob that screws down the stir stick as well as the crack on the side). When watching a movie my dear husband and I love some delicious extra buttery popcorn.  Here is an easy and delicious easy alternative to microwave popcorn or the stuff made in the popper.

Popcorn (On The Stove Top)
adapted from:

3 T oil
1/2 cup corn kernels (I use the raw kernels you get at Costco)
1 (5qt) Enamel lined cast iron Dutch Oven
butter, salted

Heat Dutch Oven with oil and 3-4 kernels on medium heat (covering pot).  Listen for pops. Add remaining popcorn kernels; cover. Remove from heat for 30 seconds. Return to heat. Shake pot occasionally. Popping will get loud and vigorous. Listen for popping to slow down. Dump contents in bowl.  Toss with melted butter and salt.  Enjoy with your next movie or snack time.

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