Wednesday, May 18, 2011

(An Attempt at) Life in the Blogging Lane

I have a passion for cooking and good food. I love experimenting in the kitchen, whether or not I am making up my own recipes, adjusting and/or modifying recipes. Thank goodness my husband is not a picky eater (unless you call detesting liver, picky). Luckily there are spices that he and I agree that don't belong anywhere near food (ie rosemary, sage and curry -icky icky).
Our life began as we know it a long (or not so long ago). Husband and I got married in the summer of 2007. BAP joined us the Spring of 2008. Our little DMP joined the choirs in Heaven Fall of 2009. Then SSP decided to join the party Fall of 2010.
With this blog I hope to journal what recipes I have made that scored big at our house. With kids, it is hard to see what they will or will not eat. BAP loves his cheerios, crispies, oatmeal, chicken nuggets (if you call them fun names such as Rhino/Dino bones), and the occasional new thing. One thing he will always eat for dinner is broccoli-he has even asked for 2nds and 3rds. What toddler (even teenager) do you know that LOVES his broccoli. SSP is just learning what real food is all about. He dislikes the pre-mushed food. However he loves it when we give him a cracker or a taste of what we are eating.

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